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Privacy Policy 

10.0 As a client/supplier of Murrill Carpentry and Building Ltd, you will have provided certain personal/company details which fall under the new GDPR legislation. This law replaces the Data Protection Act 1998. 

Murrill Carpentry and Building Ltd, take your privacy very seriously. We will only use your personal information to administer your account, and to provide the services you have.

Your company/personal information is stored securely, both electronically, and through paper filing systems. As a company, we can demonstrate that we have procedures in place to ensure your data is not shared with third parties and that it is only used for legitimate business.

As a client/supplier you may have provided us with your personal/ company payment details. These are kept within our online banking facility and accounts package, which are protected through a multiZlayer of password security. 

Murrill Carpentry and Building Limited, will not share your company details with third parties for marketing purposes. We will only supply information to companies supplying services or materials necessary for your work, such as a delivery address. 

We, may in some circumstances wish to use progress pictures and will require permission to do so.

We may use the personal data you provide us in the following manner: 

•To provide you with the requested goods and/or services including but not limited to processing and fulfilling your order. 

•To process your payment for requested goods and/or services. •For the purposes of administration. 
•To contact you if there is a query. 
•To verify your identity. 

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