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Steps for Successful House Renovations

At Murrill Build, we find our potential clients fall into a different categories:

  1. Our tentative client - who know what they want, but needs a little guidance and reassurance.

  2. Our all systems go client - all ready with plans and permission in place and looking to start ASAP.

  3. Starting out client- unsure on ideas, no architectural plans, or budget in mind.

All of the above, are good places to be as once you have finally decided to “bite the bullet” and go ahead with any structural renovations, the next stage can be a little tricky so heres a brief guide to assist:

Research is Key

Research your architect, and then your builder!

Someone locally recommended is always a good start, so you can visually see their portfolio of work, get local references and talk to previous clients. Maybe they have a website you can review, with social media now it should be very easy to find your builder and his completed project and online reviews.

Once you have chosen your builder it is important to find a repore with him and his team, someone approchable, trustworthy and someone you feel comfortable with, remember these people will be in your home and personal space for a long stretch of time, early mornings included!

Be Realistic

We all have ideas of grandeur when we start to think about house renovations, but we have to be realistic in terms of budgets, time, and space.

Fees to consider

  • Architectural Fees

  • Local Planning Fees

  • Building Control

  • Builder

  • Plumber/ Electrician

  • Plasterer

  • Painter/Decorator

Timescales need to be agreed with your builder so client and contractors are working from the same page, and a schedule of works can be requested as a guidance.

Normally most builders will request stage payments throughout the build, so this needs to be considered in terms of how your build is being financed.


The most common thing most clients seem to worry about is visualising the end result.

It is imperative that your builder can talk and walk you through layout, look at floors plans with you, so you will have a clear comfortable vision of what your build will actually look like.

If its a new bedroom or living space, being able to visualise how much space you will have for the new bed or sofa makes for a successful build.

Using props is another great way to determine the space.

This is an important step, once you have decided what you want structurally the building project then has a schedule of works, changing your mind half way through the project (once the work has been completed) can cause major disruptions to time schedules and build sequins.


Communication is key to a successful build! Communicating you wants and specifications with your builder and project manger is essential! It ensures that all your requirements are met and then having a copy of all those details agreed in writing prevents any areas of confusion or disappointment. Lastly communication is excellent in keeping you and your builder on the same page whilst creating your dream space.

Leave it to the professionals

Once all of the above is in place, relax and leave it to those that know.. Although having builders in your house is tough at times they are there to make your dream build happen so put your TRUST in them!

Considering a renovation project, large or small Murrill Carpentry and Building Limited would be happy to give a free, no obligation quote.

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