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Loft Conversions! Can we?..

FACT ..we all need more space, an extra bedroom, or bathroom, an office, a guest room or even just a tranquil place to escape to!

Moving home isn't always an option financially so improving your home for the many of us is the next best thing.

Loft conversions are the most popular renovations for family homes and have been for the past 10 years or so, it is the most straight forward, cost effective way to extend your living space whilst investing in your home.

Reports say that a loft conversion will increase your house value between 15-30%.

Is it Possible?

The main priority to consider when thinking about a loft conversion is the available head height, this should normally be a minimum of around 2.3m.

All lofts needs Building Regulations approval, but may not necessary need planning permission. Generally, most lofts are classed as Permitted Development of up to 40 to 50 cubic metres, as long as the required local council criteria is covered. Check with your local council web site for more details.

All terraced or semi detached houses are required to notify neighbours under the Party Wall Act before the work begins. This will avoid any disputes during the build.

Types of Lofts conversions.

Dormer- Dormer conversion prove the most popular option. They are the easiest to add light and gain the most head height . The roof structure is reconfigured to add a large flat roofed box either to the rear or the side of the roof.

Hip to Gable - These are normally found on an end of terrace or semi detached. The sloping side of the roof is removed and the end wall is built up to form a vertical gable.

Rooflight - This conversion generally requires the least structural work. Windows are added to the roof for light, insulation added to the roof and the floors are strengthened. This can be the most cost effective conversion.

The finer details

Timings - Allow 6 -8 weeks for a standard loft conversion.

Disruption- No, the majority of the work is done via ladders on the front and the back of the house. However, when the staircase is placed and a knock through is required this understandably will be noisy and dusty. Your builder will inform you of the time scale.

Fire Safety - All Lofts are required by law to be fitted with Fire resistant doors, and mains powered smoke alarms.

Consider storage- You may want to retain a small portion of the existing loft space or storage, or build wardrobes into the eaves.

Considering a renovation project, large or small Murrill Carpentry and Building limited will be happy to give a free, no obligation quote.

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