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Summer Spaces - Interiors out

It’s been a long winter …… but now the sun is finally shinning, we find ourselves looking at our outdoor space.

I love my garden, and I am so excited to spend more time outside!

I am wishing for barmy evenings drinking a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, or BBQs with friends and forcing my 10-year-old son to step away from his XBOX and the nemis that is Fortnite and join the family… A miracle!!

But I do truly see my garden as another family room, I still consider the dressing of the area along with more importantly the family functionality, and all within the budget.

Heres a few helpful tips to enhance your outdoor space:

Make the Space functional and Comfortable

If a new decking, or patio isn’t in the budget, why not try outdoor rugs in the meantime as an alternative?

I have a hideous concrete slab at the back of my garden, and its definitely not within our budget to move it anytime soon! It is so ugly I could cry, but the area is perfect to sit late evening when the sun is going down, so I am planning to cover with outdoor rugs, beautiful potted plants, nice cushions and brighten up the ugliness with all things beautiful.

I am even contemplating a artificial grass rug, thinking it may look at abit funky!

Although the husband thinks it’s a ridiculous idea…. Watch this space.....

Seating is so important, but garden furniture can be expensive. An easy way to add extra seating is with huge floor pillows, they are great space-savers and economical. When they’re not in use, you simply pack them away.

Turn on the Heat

British weather can’t be too reliable, so its good to have an option of heat for the late evening. A simple fire pit looks great and so accessible on the high street. Kids will just love to toast marshmallows on them . Try Argos for a great affordable range.

If the budget allows, check out the outdoor gas fireplaces on the market, so very LA chic!

Make it Private.

Privacy is important in outdoor living spaces, living in a city I like to relax without feeling I am on display to all the neighbours.

Canvas Shade – I just love the canvas sails. These are inexpensive ways to protect your privacy and provide shade and protection from the sun and can be picked up almost anyway at a reasonable price. Try www.ebay for an amazing selection.

Natural barriers – Growing climbers up the wall or fences, can shield your area, give natural colour and beauty and often smell amazing. Palm trees make a great edition to your garden, and so stylish, and provide great coverage or shade if needed. They have that holiday appeal, making you feel you are somewhere tropical, so a cocktail on a Monday evening ...would not be so out of the question?

Hanging baskets look amazing if your space allows and , hanging ferns look simply stunning, and do detract prying eyes.

Try www.crocus for climbing plant ideas and local garden centres for helpful advice.

Enjoy your garden.

Love Max x

Please note these recommendation are personal choice and suggestions and I have not been paid for any type of advertising in any way..

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